Madden NFL 18 Companion App Available Now For iOS and Android Devices.

The Madden NFL 18 Companion App is accessible now for iOS and Android gadgets, look at the subtle elements beneath.


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Beware of your group whenever, anyplace. View your class plan, set your diversion status, and fare alliance information to upheld outsider destinations where you can break down details and that’s just the beginning. Group Commissioners can likewise use advantageous apparatuses to propel their establishment week, clear top punishments, and set association individuals to “auto-pilot.”


Stay in contact with your establishment and Ultimate Team through Madden Messenger, and never miss a vital refresh. Get synced warnings straight from your comfort about finished closeouts, new exchange offers, prizes, destinations, and earned accomplishments.


Associate with the Madden people group with client produced content, from serious screenshots to recordings of amusement evolving plays. Get indications and systems from the aces, and even find out about crisp component refreshes, select offers, and data about up and coming aggressive occasions specifically from the Madden group. with thousands of satisfied customers, we can boast to be the best site where you can buy cheap Mut 18 coins and get delivered in no time.



Join to get MUT rewards like Coins, Packs, and other extraordinary shocks all through your Madden Season. View your prizes and find exceptional and more top to bottom reward details, selective to the Companion application. At that point, get in the diversion to reclaim them for packs, player things, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.



FIFA 17’s story mode following the presentation period of Premier League starlet Alex Hunter was route superior to anything anybody anticipated. Its kid done-great storyline was composed with pleasant silliness and enough refined games motion picture platitude to engage. Buy FIFA 18 coins ps4 from up your FIFA 18 coins at at the cheapest price and with the fastest delivery.The unavoidable continuation, Hunter Returns, hopes to address a portion of the reactions leveled at the mode. There will be more choices and be expanding storylines, as you manage Hunter through his vocation in the midst of exchange hypothesis. You will likewise have the capacity to modify Alex’s style.

Is Career Mode being moved forward?

It surely appears to be so. You may excuse EA for focussing on the feature snatching Journey and brilliant goose Ultimate Team, however, for some FIFA players the vocation mode, in which they can take their club to grandness, is an essential mode. At first glance, it would appear that this is the greatest patch up of the vocation mode we have yet observed, updating a portion of the UI and acquiring components from The Journey.

The new squad center point pulls in data about your players that was awkwardly spread out in past recreations, while exchanges are significantly more included. You will have up close and personal gatherings with players and need to manage specialists, with a discourse wheel giving you alternatives in the discussion. with thousands of satisfied customers, we can boast to be the best site where you can buy FIFA 18 coins Xbox one and get deliver in no time. You will likewise need to consider more contract alternatives, for example, offer on provisions and so forth. You will likewise get the chance to uncover new players to the press in cutscenes, while expenses appear to be nearer to the absurdity of this present reality.

It feels like EA are endeavoring to infuse greater contribution and identity into the mode, which is most welcome, as long as it doesn’t divert excessively from the activity on the pitch.



As every year the fans of wicker container will be able to indulge in their favorite brandish since their sofa. Until then, 2K has just revealed some official pictures of the game, the American publisher has finally unveiled a head trailer that emphasizes the modeling of players but also their behaviors. In order to always flirt with realism, 2K teams have used a whole new process to capture the smallest details of a player.Buy cheap NBA 2K18 coins from top up your cheap NBA 2K18 VC for sale  at at the cheapest price and with the fastest delivery.

Thus, the developers have used a new method of photographing which allows to separate the colors and to obtain skin tones in addition to precise. From beside, the latter react from now on to the light as one can see in the real life.

Concerning behaviors, 2K moved to the NBA in New York to digitize all the new jerseys of the competing teams but also in addition to 200 pairs of shoes in order to reproduce them identically. Finally, the beginners of the mode “My PLAYER” will be delighted to learn that the system of creation of players is resumed in addition to pushed than before. Many bodies and choices of customizations have been added and it will be conceivable to accurately adjust almost all the characteristic signs of athletes. with thousands of satisfied customers, we can boast to be the best site where you can  buy cheap NBA 2K18 MT coins and get deliver in no time.

To top it off, players will have a taste of NBA 2K18, starting September 8, 2017, thanks to the “Prelude” on PS4 and Xbox One which allows starting the mode CAREER. Of course, all data saved in the “Prelude” can be used on the final variant of NBA 2K18. As a reminder, the game will be available from September 15, 2017, on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

Madden 18 Offense Tips and How to Return a Kickoff !

On edge side of the ball in Madden 18, it’s tied in with responding to your rival’s moves. You can call an ideal play, however, it won’t mean anything on the off chance that you don’t change as indicated by your adversary. The Madden 18 Defense tips beneath will give you the edge.Buy NFL 18 coins for sale from top up your Madden NFL 18 coins at at the cheapest price and with the fastest delivery.

Take a gander at how the offense lines up in connection to your resistance. Do you have enough players in scope to coordinate with each beneficiary and tight end?

If not, or in the event that you have to alter anything, squeeze Y/Triangle, and after that the comparing catch over the leader of a safeguard to change their task.

On the other hand, you can switch plays simply like on the offense, utilizing the X/Square fasten to bring a rundown of plays you can change to.

You can pick one player to take control of while playing safeguard, and you’ll have the capacity to move around uninhibitedly while doing this. Adhere to your task, however, or the whole play could end in a debacle if a recipient goes totally revealed.

You can change the sort of pass surge you need, for instance, you can decide on a ‘forceful pass surge’ before the snap, and all blitzing faculty will increase expanded details identifying with the passing surge.

Once the ball is tossed to a recipient, squeeze B/O to change to the protector closest to them. In the event that you anticipate blocking the ball, hold Y/Triangle before a catch is made, however in the event that you have to handle the player with the ball rather, at that point squeeze X/Square.

On the off chance that your protector gets hindered by an adversary, and the player with the ball is running close-by to you, you can stretch out an arm and endeavor to get them as they pass. Press the left shoulder catch if the ball transporter is rushing to one side, and the other way around for the left side, to get the ball bearer. with thousands of satisfied customers, we can boast to be the best site where you can buy NFL 18 coins for sale and get delivered in no time.

Infuriated 18: How to Return a Kickoff

You’ll need to take your blockers while returning either a kick or a punt, thus do this, select the choice to return down the center. Once your collector has gotten the kicked ball, take after the blockers specifically in front of you, going straightforwardly through either any holes that open up in front of you, or heading off to any players that are as of now blocking players for you. You would prefer not to get so shut that the player being closed will peel off the piece and handle your recipient, so try to keep a separation of no less than a couple of feet from any blockers before you.

more you need to know about career mode.

Turn off ‘Eco mode’ and reduce the backlight

Look away now, energy savers.Buy cheap FIFA 18 coins from up your FIFA 18 coins Xbox One at at the cheapest price and with the fastest delivery.
‘Eco’ mode in TVs automatically adjusts the picture depending on light – but it’s way too aggressive and leads to an unnatural look that can strain your eyes.

This doesn’t affect lag, per say, but switching it off is a quick way of creating a much more color rich, detailed image – enhancing the overall experience.

To improve contrast, make sure the backlight (if your TV has one) is set to 0 and contrast is NOT set to maximum.

The latter will lead to less detail in darker and brighter scenes.

Make sure the console signal is progressive rather than interlaced

Input lag is massively affected by whether the TV is receiving an interlaced or progressive signal from a console.

If it’s interlaced it’ll have an “i” after it, for example, 1080i.

If it’s progressive, it’ll have a ‘p’, for example, ‘1080p’.

Make sure that you go on to your TV output areas in the Ps4 or Xbox One and ensure output has a “p” next to it.with thousands of satisfied customers, we can boast to be the best site where you can buy cheap FIFA 18 coins pc and get deliver in no time.

Tell us about the Nintendo Switch version – will it have Ultimate Team, too?

The relationship between FIFA and Nintendo is a strange one.

When the Wii U launched back in 2012, it took three months for FIFA 13 to make its way on to the console.

When it did finally arrive, it was lacking arguably the most popular mode, Ultimate Team – and gameplay was sub par compared to the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions.

Subsequent FIFA games were scrapped from the Wii U, with EA focusing efforts on the then next-gen consoles and the aging Wii.

However, the arrival of the Nintendo Switch heralds a new fresh start for the relationship between the Japanese manufacturer and EA.

Speaking at a FIFA 18 event in London last week, EA producer Sam Rivera reassured gamers the Switch version is more than just an afterthought.

“The only thing I can tell you is that there’s a big team of people working on this,” he told Dream Team Gaming.

“It’s being created in a very serious way – the gameplay, it’s fun and different.”

In fact, if both companies play their cards right, the Switch version of FIFA 18 could be the most attractive proposition of the lot. fifa 18 coins for saleHere’s why.
You’ll be able to play FIFA 18 on the go

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The Switch has already proven itself as a brilliant handheld companion, so being able to play the full game (not just the Web App) on the go will give this version the edge.

Thankfully, FIFA has been ‘custom built’ for Nintendo’s new hardware.FIFA 18 coins for sale

It may not use the latest Frostbite technology but the gameplay is sleek, responsive and runs at 60FPS.

Plus, you’re able to detach the Joy Con controllers and play a friend – although this can be a bit fiddly.

A battery life of up to six hours makes it perfect for long journeys.

It has Ultimate Team

As long as you have Wifi you’ll be able to play Ultimate Team and buy packs as you normally would.Champions won’t feature but that’s not the end of the world.

Check the latest NBA 2K18 trailer.

As we approach the much anticipated September 15th release date of NBA 2K18, 2K Sports continues to reveal details of the new and improved basketball game including the epic playlist, the classic “All Time” rosters and now, special edition commentators.Buy cheap NBA 2K18 VC from top up your NBA 2K18 coins at at the cheapest price and with the fastest delivery.

Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers BUY CHEAP coin =s from

Today, NBA 2K has announced that Kobe Bryant and Kevin Garnett will be featured as guest commentators for select games alongside lead announcer Kevin Harlan and others – as shown in the video below. The newest trailer for the game not only showcases Kobe and KG’s ability on the mic but also provides us our first look at the NBA 2K18 cover athlete, Kyrie Irving, wearing #11 for the Boston Celtics.
Late last week NBA 2K18 revealed each teams’ 15-man “All Time” roster, which obviously includes Kobe on the Lakers as well as Garnett on the Wolves and Celtics’ “All-Time” squads. A few weeks prior, 2K Sports released the massive 50-track playlist for NBA 2K18 which features a who’s who of hip-hop legends such as Mobb Deep, Nas, A Tribe Called Quest, Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Naughty By Nature and even Damian Lillard aka Dame D.O.L.L.A.
NBA 2K18 will be available on September 15th for those who pre-order, and September 19th for everyone else. The NBA 2K18 Legend Edition, which features Shaq on the cover, will cost $100, while the Legend Edition Gold will cost $150. Both versions will be available on PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. with thousands of satisfied customers, we can boast to be the best site where you can buy cheap NBA 2K18 VC and get deliver in no time.
In the Legend Edition, gamers will receive a handful of Shaq content, including a poster, Panini trading cards, and stickers, in addition to in-game items like 100,000 virtual currency and 20 weekly MyTEAM packs. The Legend Edition Gold gives you all that comes with the Legend Edition, plus a Lenticular, more trading cards, 250,000 currency, 40 packs, and more.
Check out the latest trailer for NBA 2K18, featuring special guest commentators Kobe Bryant and Kevin Garnett, below.

ACTU Madden 18: the rating of all the teams!

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Madden 18 arrives this Friday in France! You do not know yet which team to use? Here are all their notes!

If you want to win quickly, the choices are obvious. For those who prefer to rebuild in a long franchise mode, the 49ers, Jets or Rams should do the trick.

On the side of the notes, one can ask how the Bills rise to 12th place with a general rating better than teams that have a better score both in attack and defense.

1. New England Patriots: 93
Attacked: 92
Defense: 88

2. Atlanta Falcons: 91
Attacked: 89
Defense: 80

3. Dallas Cowboys: 89
Attacked: 88
Defense: 83

4. Green Bay Packers: 88
Attacked: 90
Defense: 81

5. Pittsburgh Steelers: 88
Attacked: 89
Defense: 84

6. Kansas City Chiefs: 87
Attacked: 82
Defense: 91

7. Oakland Raiders: 86
Attacked: 86
Defense: 79

8. Seattle Seahawks: 86
Attacked: 85
Defense: 89

9. Tennessee Titans: 85
Attacked: 86
Defense: 79

10. New York Giants: 84
Attacked: 85
Defense: 88

11. New Orleans Saints: 84
Attacked: 87
Defense: 77

12. Buffalo Bills: 83
Attacked: 80
Defense: 80

13. Miami Dolphins: 83
Attacked: 82
Defense: 77

14: Denver Broncos: 82
Attacked: 81
Defense: 87

15. Arizona Cardinals: 82
Attacked: 83
Defense: 87

16. Indianapolis Colts: 82
Attacked: 83
Defense: 75

17. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 81
Attacked: 81
Defense: 81

18. Detroit Lions: 81
Attacked: 84
Defense: 79

19: Los Angeles Chargers: 80
Attacked: 80
Defense: 82

20: Baltimore Ravens: 80
Attacked: 80
Defense: 85

21: Washington Redskins: 80
Attacked: 81
Defense: 78

22. Carolina Panthers: 79
Attacked: 84
Defense: 78

23. Houston Texans: 79
Attacked: 77
Defense: 90

24. Cincinnati Bengals: 78
Attacked: 79
Defense: 80

25. Philadelphia Eagles: 78
Attacked: 82
Defense: 86

26. Minnesota Vikings: 78
Attacked: 79
Defense: 89

27. Chicago Bears: 77
Attacked: 78
Defense: 82

28. Jacksonville Jaguars: 77
Attacked: 79
Defense: 84

29. Cleveland Browns: 76
Attacked: 76
Defense: 78

30. San Francisco 49ers: 76
Attacked: 75
Defense: 76

31. New York Jets: 75
Attacked: 73
Defense: 85

32. Los Angeles Rams: 75
Attacked: 74
Defense: 86

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Nintendo Switch: NBA 2K18 only dematerialized at launch

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NBA 2K18 will come out well on Switch next September. But bad news for fans of basketball games that absolutely want the box version of the game, the latter will come out later.
Following the announcement of its latest financial results, Take-Two Interactive has released a summary of its forthcoming games. NBA 2K18 will be released on all platforms (PS4, PS3, Xbox 360, Switch and PC) on September 19th.

One element, however, deserves to be emphasized. Indeed, on Switch, the simulation of basketball will only come out in the dematerialized version at this date. The box version of cheap NBA 2K18 MT The switch is still scheduled but has only a vague “fall 2017” as the announced release period. It remains to discover the delay between the digital output and the output of the box version.

Also noteworthy is that 2K has confirmed that WWE 2K18 will be released on Switch after its commercialization on PS4 and Xbox One (the latter is still scheduled for October 17th). Regarding the game of which of the Switch, it would appear that the box and digital versions are expected at the same time.

Nintendo at Gamescom 2017 – EA shows off FIFA 18 on Switch

Nintendo at Gamescom 2017 – EA shows off FIFA 18 on Switch

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Without competition on Switch, Fifa this year has a boulevard to settle on the new console of Nintendo and perhaps give the desire to the competition to wake up next year. And if Electronic Arts start using the Frostbite engine in its titles on Switch next year, it can become very interesting.


Everyone does not seem to be pink at the level of orders, some writers present at the show found that the experience was not as successful when playing in Joy-Con mode separated, each player having a Joy-Con.

FIFA 18 on Switch Is Surprisingly Good But Not with Split Joy-Con – Gamescom 2017.
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It is also a statement shared by the Hispanic Youtubeur, which confirms his preference of play with the Nintendo Switch Pro or simply by inserting the Joy-Con in a shell, more manageable according to him for bigger hands. His video presents a small comparison between the Switch version and the PS4 version, with a slightly different angle of view in diving.

FIFA 18 in Nintendo Switch vs PS4. buy FIFA 18 coins ps4


Item Details:

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Incense NFL 18 takes a critical visual jump with the energy of the Frostbite motor. See dazzling new stadium outsiders encompassed by immense cityscapes and watch the display of NFL game day wake up in the most photorealistic amusement to date. Play every match up to your particulars by choosing from three new Play Styles or play the best true match ups every week in Play Now Live! With the acquaintance of significantly more routes with play, combined with your most loved modes, Madden Ultimate Team and Franchise, this is Madden like you’ve never observed.

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Target Passing: For the first run through ever, never again are you attached to tossing at your open wide beneficiary. Toss to who you need, in the correct spot on the field with all-new Target Passing, giving you, extreme control over where the ball is tossed.

Play Styles: Play the amusement you need by choosing from three new and one of a kind play-styles providing food every match up to your details:

Arcade – Action stuffed energy loaded with awesome plays and scoring with constrained punishments.

Recreation – True to player and group appraisals utilizing real NFL rules and gameplay.

Aggressive – Your stick abilities are vital, win enormous prizes for your expertise or get greater punishments.

Scope Assignment: Know your employment in pass scope with an on-screen, continuous UI framework advising you of your scope task in pass safeguard.

Mentor Adjustments: Customize the AI to fit your course of action and roll out situational improvements to your procedure on the fly as the diversion requests it.

Most loved WAYS TO PLAY

MUT Build, play, and win with your definitive group of today’s’ NFL stars and legends. Infuriate Ultimate Team (MUT) is the total NFL group building mode utilizing your most loved NFL players from the over a significant time span. Play amusements, gather rewards and redesign your group with day by day, fun and drawing in content updates including incredible NFL players solely found in MUT. Consistently create your squad to world class status headed for building your Ultimate Team administration. MORE TO COME

Establishment Create your Dynasty.

Play week after week full diversion matchups or get past a season rapidly by playing as simply the offense, protection, or key minutes from the amusement. Get the reins and control your groups’ operations from marking free operators and influencing exchanges, to exploring too and drafting players, your choices fabricate your tradition. Get together with different players and fight through the season in a completely associated class understanding. Play and deal with your Franchise from your advanced mobile phone utilizing the Madden Companion App.Buy cheap Madden NFL 18 coins from top up your Madden NFL 18 coins at at the cheapest price and with the fastest delivery, with thousands of satisfied customers we can boast to be what the best site where you can buy cheap Madden NFL 18 Coins and get deliver in no time.