“Fifa 18” in the big test: Three editors, three opinions Today, “Fifa 18” will be released – EA Sports will be playing the top ten players, including Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and Neymar. To defend against world stars is so much more difficult.

Cloudy and heavy rain showers. The jerseys stick to the bodies of the players, the sweat beads from their foreheads. Cristiano Ronaldo puts the ball into the net and hits the opponent’s wall wide-legged. Real Madrid take a throw-in in the opponent’s half of the field and thumping with a smile on his face.

Such scenes impress. The world stars have been digitized as realistically as ever before at “Fifa 18”, which will be released on Friday, September 29th. The movements on the ball, the sprint technique, the mimicry: Who controls Ronaldo, Lionel Messi or Neymar over the field, feels really a bit like a pro in the Champions League . The EA Sports developer has recorded the movements of the real stars for the soccer simulation even more finely than the predecessor, the tattoos after-drawn and the hairstyles rightly.

So “Fifa” this year is above all a declaration of love to the superstars. Many other players from the top leagues, on the other hand, have apparently fallen through the grid and get a standard face overpinned. Overall, however, the graphics have become even better, the jerseys throw more wrinkles, the floodlight breaks more handsomely in gloomy evenings. And also the playing emotions have become much more lively.

Inertia slows the players out
Play has not changed much. Anyone who has felt like “Fifa 17” , but still has a desire for the change of version, does not take long to master the successor. However, a change is noticeable: The developers have a little bit of the difficulty. It has become more challenging to control the defense. This is mainly due to the greater inertia of the players.

Diesel fuel costs VW more billions
Kremlin critic Nawalny has been arrested
Puerto Rico feels abandoned by Trump
If you decide for the wrong direction, you have lost the duel with the opponent. If a player needs to reverse abruptly, it will take time to change direction. This has made it even more difficult to defend against attacks, especially when one encounters fast-paced players who are able to settle down quickly.

Wine Festival Cloth a fairy to share: stockings gentleman small dress

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White character of the equipment into a green quality of the decorations, and entered the illusion wardrobe ~
Today to share some of the simple wine festival cloth with ~ leather, lock, plate next week update ~ ~
Wine festival dress
Wine Festival Cloth a fairy to share: stockings gentleman small dress
Wine Festival Cloth a fairy to share: stockings gentleman small dress
Wine Festival Cloth a fairy to share: stockings gentleman small dress
Seasoning bag
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Gauntlets: emperor red gloves
Shoes: wine festival shoes
Weapons: Ulos claws
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Wine festival dress
Wine Festival Cloth a fairy to share: stockings gentleman small dress
Wine Festival Cloth a fairy to share: stockings gentleman small dress
Wine Festival Cloth a fairy to share: stockings gentleman small dress
Seasoning bag
Head: Grauville Gold braid with sausage cap (toy)
Breastplate: Wine Festival Dress
Shoes: wine festival shoes
Weapons: Blue Wine Festival

NFL Players Sent a Memo to Roger Goodell Seeking League Support in Player Activism


NFL Players Sent a Memo to Roger Goodell Seeking League Support in Player Activism
The request included a call for a “month of Unity”
our NFL players—Seahawks cautious end Michael Bennett, Eagles wellbeing Malcolm Jenkins, Eagles wide collector Torrey Smith, and previous Bills wideout Anquan Boldin—sent NFL official Roger Goodell a notice a month ago requesting the class’ help in player activism, Yahoo revealed Wednesday. The letter incorporated a demand to assign November as a “month of Unity” for groups to “connect with and affect the group in their market,” like the class’ bosom tumor mindfulness crusade in October, aside from this opportunity to raise “attention to racial imbalance and issues encompassing criminal equity change.”
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The notice supposedly came after Goodell addressed various players about social equity issues in August. Every one of the four players have stood up on issues of social equity amid their vocations, and Bennett and Jenkins have challenged amid the national song of devotion this season. The players who composed the reminder likewise have stood up following occurrences including themselves or relatives. Bennett claimed that he was attacked and kept at gunpoint by Las Vegas police in August for what he portrayed as, “just essentially being a dark man in an unlucky spot.” In 2015 Boldin’s cousin was executed by a casually dressed cop in Florida.

The update point by point choices for the NFL to get required with activism at the government, state, and group levels, proposed a course of events for NFL engagement, and plot various territories for the association to concentrate on. That concentration incorporates “organizing Criminal Justice Reform and Police/Community Relations Engagement” and, all the more particularly, “police straightforwardness/responsibility, safeguard change, criminalization of destitution, mass imprisonment (compulsory least sentences, adolescent life parole) and Clean Slate Act, which additionally incorporates accentuation on preoccupation of assets towards group based projects, instruction and preparing.”

After the Eagles’ season opener, Jenkins, Boldin, and Smith took Goodell and Eagles proprietor Jeffrey Lurie around Philadelphia to meet with grassroots associations and pick up a superior comprehension of social equity endeavors in the city. Neither the alliance nor the players included have remarked on the update, refering to a consent to keep the discussions private.

The NFL has had a confused history supporting social causes. Pundits of the group have called attention to that exclusive a little part of the NFL’s bosom growth mindfulness month crusade income is given to tumor examine. In 2013, then– Bears collector Brandon Marshall wore green spikes in help of Mental Health Awareness week, and the group instantly fined him over $10,000 for a uniform infringement. Services regarding U.S. fighters and veterans amid NFL amusements were uncovered in 2015 to be a piece of multimillion-dollar promoting efforts paid for by the Department of Defense and supported by citizens. (Click gameusd.com to buy buy madden nfl 18 coins, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

Grasping social equity stages would be a takeoff from the group’s past crusades, and the players characterized what they want to see from the NFL going ahead.

“For us, bolster implies: bear all or part of the heaviness of; hold up; offer help to, particularly monetarily; empower to capacity or act,” the update read. “We require support, joint effort and organizations to accomplish our objective of reinforcing the group.” (Click gameusd.comto buy madden 18 coins ,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

FIFA 18: Best Players of the Spanish League

FIFA 18 has managed to surprise us even more in this second installment with Frostbite, renewing so many aspects of the gameplay that were already missing the franchise if it did not want to stagnate. In this edition, the gameplay has undergone a thorough facelift that, although it is not very noticeable in videos, once you get to the controls of this FIFA 18 you can not go back to any previous version. Let’s see in this analysis if the proposal of EA Sports meets or not with the promised.

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When Electronic Arts introduced the first videos of FIFA 18, there were few who thought it looked very similar to its predecessor. But as we mentioned in the previous paragraph, already after the first minute of game we noticed that the changes are very accentuated and we begin to notice clearly everything promised for this year. And what is the star dish for this season? Well, they are not one, if not three, PlayerID, TeamID and an immersive setting.

Both PlayerID and TeamID allow you to more accurately recreate the players’ movements and game styles of the most famous teams, respectively. This addition has already delivered several deliveries in its top rival, and it has not been so far when FIFA has bet heavily for it.

It was very frustrating to see how all the teams played you to ‘tiki-taka’. It did not matter to face Real Madrid or a team of the Italian second division, each match was the same regardless of the rival. Now thanks to TeamID, they have introduced five styles of game perfectly recognizable and adapted to how each set plays in reality. These are catenaccio , direct, counterattack, fast passes and pressure, a range of possibilities that may not seem too extensive but gives much more game against the CPU than we think.

The clearest example is found in a Real Madrid match against Atlético de Madrid, two teams with a style so different that now is recreated to perfection in FIFA 18. The merengues take advantage of the bands with Ronaldo and Bale playing quickly and exploiting the sides of the field of play, while the mattress shut behind to quickly exit the counterattack thanks to the speed of Griezmann or Carrasco. This is always talking about when the machine controls each team, since then we can adapt them to the way we play.
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With regard to PlayerID, it is a pleasure to see players of the stature of Ronaldo, Griezmann, Sterling or Robben perfectly recreate their movements and their performance with the ball in the feet. But although only a few players have faithfully recreated (hopefully next year they will expand), the rest have benefited from this measure, as EA has added different types of bodies and ways to run. This error had been crawling for years, being very common to see the same movements in a high and burly defense that in a fast end. It has finally been corrected.

Fortunately, these have not been the only improvements the gameplay has undergone. FIFA 18 has a somewhat slower game tempo, relying on more fluid and better chained animations, as well as a more immediate response from the players. The latter, on the other hand, is something negative and we have not finished to like at all as it develops.

The ball is a little heavier but also more agile than in the 17th, and if we combine with the instant reaction capacity of the athletes, it gives rise to a faster, accelerated game and that relies too much on the triangulazo. In fact, the title invites you to play well and even the CPU takes advantage of it, ruining that most realistic time. This supposes that the midfield is weighed by this measure, since in just four or five touches we will plant in the rival goal. Depending on your style, you will see it with better or worse eyes, but what is clear is that FIFA 18 continues to move away from the simulation betting on a more arcade vision of the sport king. Question of likes. (Click gameusd.comto buy fifa 18 coins ,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

Listen For Your Chance To Win A Copy of NBA 2K18!

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Want a copy of the new NBA 2K18?!

Listen all week from 6AM – 7PM for your chance to win!

Finally NBA 2K18 is out now! The most broadcasting talent ever assembled in a sports video game just got bigger with legends Kobe Bryant and Kevin Garnett. This is the best NBA video game of ALL-TIME introducing an all-new open neighborhood setting! Play the way you want to play on your road to a 99 rating! NBA 2K18 now allows you to play with the greatest players in NBA history from all 30 teams, together on all-time franchise rosters for the first time ever! Simply put, NBA 2K18 is the deepest and most authentic simulation sports game available. Get it now on PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC, and Nintendo Switch!
According to the early reviews, 2K Sports has another hit on its hands with the release of NBA 2K18.

The Kyrie Irving-led effort, backed by Shaquille O’Neal and DeMar DeRozan on other editions, features countless upgrades to the tried-and-true system alongside bold innovations sure to give users a newfound longevity to the annual installment.

The latest innovations vary, with MyGM: The Next Chapter sitting as one of the top new features. The expansion upon a strong base, MyGM mode takes users behind the scenes of a franchise and tasks them with making all the tough calls, which for a sports game like this, is a first.
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Also of note is the new “Neighborhood” feature. Video games are all about open worlds right now, though the fact this feature acts as an open-world hub is a big deal considering Take Two is the parent company of both 2K Sports and a company by the name of Rockstar Games, the folks responsible for Grand Theft Auto.

These new highlights, paired with already-strong gameplay and newfound depth such as adding things detailed in the new collective bargaining agreement, help explain why the early notable reviews have been positive, with Metacritic giving the game an 87.

Forbes: 91

IGN: 84

Trusted Reviews: 90

Sporting News: 90

Critics like the game for obvious reasons.

But what about the players?

For most of the guys who see their likeness used in a video game played by millions around the world, the discussion comes down to two things—their appearance and player rating.

Take a recent reaction by Dwyane Wade:

View image on Twitter
View image on Twitter
DWade ✔@DwyaneWade
My face says it all haha. Here’s the overall rating for @KingJames and I for 17-18 season @NBA2K @Ronnie2K #NBA2K18 #2kFirstLook
6:44 AM – Aug 16, 2017
787 787 Replies 12,565 12,565 Retweets 29,554 29,554 likes
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Memphis Grizzlies guard Mike Conley commented on his rating and appearance:

Mike Conley ✔@mconley11
Apparently my 87 rating gets you every bucket, pass, crossover, and great hair 😏 @NBA2K @Ronnie2K #justsayin #tunnelvision
4:27 AM – Sep 7, 2017
61 61 Replies 648 648 Retweets 3,061 3,061 likes
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LeBron James? He’s ready to roll:

LeBron James ✔@KingJames
Man this the coldest trailer I’ve ever seen for a sports game in history! Got me hype to not only play the game but actually hoop real life! https://twitter.com/nba/status/908910825859014656 …
2:01 PM – Sep 16, 2017
790 790 Replies 22,410 22,410 Retweets 67,475 67,475 likes
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Most of the conversation centers on the ratings more than anything else, however.

Here’s what Los Angeles Lakers forward Larry Nance Jr. told Alex Kennedy of Hoops Hype: “Guys look at what other players around the league are rated and sometimes think they’re wrong or that they should be lower [than their own rating].”

Rising star Rudy Gobert of the Utah Jazz is a case in point:

View image on Twitter
View image on Twitter
Rudy Gobert ✔@rudygobert27
Shoutout to @Ronnie2K for my #2KFirstLook screen. A little low as usual but started from a 52 so we good 😏. What you guys think?
6:08 AM – Aug 18, 2017
315 315 Replies 1,318 1,318 Retweets 6,969 6,969 likes
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After a breakout season, Dion Waiters is another player who has openly campaigned for a better rating, right to the man himself:

Dionwaiters3 ✔@dionwaiters3
@Ronnie2K be disrespecting me having a lot of ppl rated higher then me 🤦🏾‍♂️RT @AlvinM_: @dionwaiters3 2k need to up your rating asap 💪🏽
12:45 PM – Jul 17, 2017
19 19 Replies 80 80 Retweets 151 151 likes
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Speaking of going to the man himself, Washington Wizards point guard John Wall did just that in a not-so-nice way:

John Wall ✔@JohnWall
@Ronnie2K u a joke !!
3:41 AM – Aug 5, 2017
234 234 Replies 6,091 6,091 Retweets 10,260 10,260 likes
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Don’t forget Philadelphia 76ers star Joel Embiid:

Joel Embiid ✔@JoelEmbiid
My Durability rating must’ve not allowed my 2k rating to be at least 95🤔🤔!!!! Gotta work on that #TheProcess
8:00 AM – Jul 18, 2017 · Los Angeles, CA
460 460 Replies 8,240 8,240 Retweets 30,563 30,563 likes
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It isn’t hard to figure out why players care about the ratings more than anything else. One, 2K has had the gameplay and depth of the simulation aspects down pat for years. Two, this is a newer generation of players who actually grew up with the game, making their rating a big deal.

Though not every superstar is as bothered as others.

“Honestly, I really don’t care,” Damian Lillard of the Portland Trail Blazers told Kennedy. “I’ve become less and less consumed with the credit that I’m given. I think 89 is a solid rating. But I should be up there with the best at my position.”

The beauty of the rating system, at least, is not only the discussion it drives here—but how it adapts to the on-court play over the course of a season. Players upset about an initial rating have yet another reason to go out and post monster numbers while winning games.

We’ve noted the top players at each position already. It will change as the season progresses, with some obvious names already on the hunt to prove themselves right out of the gate. Until tipoff, fans can turn to another well-reviewed edition of the 2K series to simulate what might occur. (Click gameusd.comto buy NBA 2K 18 MT ,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

NBA TEST 2K18: The trade of the year

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The simulation of basketball developed by Visual Concepts and published by 2K Sports , considered by many as the reference of the video game of sport in the world, is invited in the ferries, with the intention to eclipse the previous version, which has been produced so far with remarkable success year after year. But will the magic still operate with this NBA 2K18 ? Can it still work, especially, when the license has already placed the bar very, very high? Put on your shorts, your jersey and your sneakers, the answer is there, yes there, at the end of the corridor …

It’s okay, are you well dressed? So you are ready to go heat with us on the floor of NBA 2K18 . Obviously, and it was said in the preamble a little higher, each year arises the perennial question to 10,000 dollars: it is well worth buying the last NBA 2K , knowing that the previous edition had already extinguished any form debate? Legitimate questioning, as the duo formed by Visual Concepts and 2K Sports has accustomed us, each time, to push the limits of imaginable and adaptable, especially, on our screens. Well yes, gentlemen, ladies, we will still have to pull out the wallet, not to please our American friends … but because this NBA 2K 18demands it, for the good reason that this one is exceptional. Quite simply. And so, indispensable for any fan of orange balloon.

Hey ! But it would not be Kawhi Leonard’s back by chance?
A balloon, a basket and it’s gone

Exceptional, yes, because Visual Concepts has decided to dust off some of its game modes. The most important change is in Career Mode, which has for many years been THE highlight of the license. This time, we no longer follow a drafted player looking for gloriole directly launched in the NBA big bath, but a certain DJ, a former playground talent momentarily lost in the world of music – it happens – decided to resume the thread of his career as a basketball player. A career that begins with a street tournament in which the friend DJ excels, to the point of being spotted and to gradually integrate the ruthless but nevertheless fascinating world of the NBA.

If obviously the script is quickly heard – we are always questioned by an agent, and we decide to work with him or not at first, we … will still be obliged to do it! – the charm operates and undeniably. First of all by the quality of the dialogues and the screenplay, readable yet again but still diver immersive. Then, by the evolution of the latter: if DJ is a star of the bitumen, there is nothing on the scale of the League, what the substitutes of the franchise you will have the happiness to join – but you will have previously chosen, we will return to it – you will quickly put in mind, remembering in particular that the bags of each other, as well as the delivery of donuts … will be at your expense.

The suspended shoot, a story of precision and position. Of talent, too (Click gameusd.com to buy Cheap NBA 2K18 MT, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

Placed in my “tiéquar”

Always in the interest of realism, you start at the bottom of the ladder, ie at level 60. Knowing that the objective of this mode is to reach the bar of 99, you will have understood that the path promises to be damn long. Fortunately for you, workshops and activities are legion. They are mainly gathered in one and the same place, the Quartier, the main novelty of this component. This mini-city is actually an addition of possibilities strongly disguised: to finish personalizing your avatar, especially on the capillary level, you will first go to type the tip of fat with the keeper of the barber shop . Yes, you have read the bit of fat, because, apart from the pure and hard phases of training – either in the “training room”

To make your neighborhood definitely immersive, some workshops take place outdoors and offer you either to deliver matches 5 to 5 with your team Pro AM, or to oppose you on a dunks exercise, also useful for your avatar – very , very light in this field at the beginning of the adventure – than to “troller” another player online, since the established score will then be displayed large on one of the walls of the neighborhood. For posterity or shame, the matter of a few minutes.

Before you can play with these guys, you will have to prove yourself with the substitutes.
A page that turns, does not “roam”

In short, the Quarter was a promise on paper in the mouth of Visual Concepts. It turns out to be a tremendous reality handset. Finally, at first. Because in the long run, we realize, after several hours all the same, that this district deserves a few small renovations. One thinks of the displacements of DJ, unable to pass the second one to rally one point to another of the city, which is quickly painful, since the return trips are frequent. Or the absence of specific workshops, such as shooting, more sensitive than previous years, or simply dribbling, which this year no longer benefit from a tutorial of their own.

All this is very perfectible and it is a little bit the same observation that we wear on the mode My MG. Renamed “One page turns”, the latter had the good idea to include a scenario this time, that of our avatar of mode My Carrière, mowed by a terrible injury during the NBA playoffs and obliged, several years later, to reconvert in General Manager. All this was very promising but the whole group comes up against a crying lack of immersion: the dialogues are only subtitled and the cinematic lack of heat. All this feels the addition without conviction or at least without depth, the one found in particular in the Career mode, which relegates the script of this GM new look to the bottom of the well. Once again, Visual Concepts already has a good working base for …

I’m promoted General Manager.
Everyone shoot, each one his way

For the rest, friends, this NBA 2K18 is a genuine basketball recital, without false note and with what is needed, even minor ones, to make the product always closer to what our eyes can capture late at night on our screens. And they are numerous. The most striking are graphics first: once again, Visual Concepts teams have pushed boundaries that were not thought to be crossable. The audience is even more alive, the atmosphere has gone up a notch with, in particular, the American national anthem in the introduction. As for the players? With a sweat rendering always more bluffing (yes, good), rough skin (buttons, scars, folds), crying truth and jerseys always more animated, they do more than the job. On the field, the rendering is crazy, that is the word,

Their “moves” are more fluid and the chain of some of them are much more natural, like the shooting in suspension out of dribbles in particular. Hand in hand, the feeling is incredible, with the feeling of almost being able to control everything on the screen. If the inertia of the players is well marked, the latter are less steep than last year, especially in the phases of recovery, dribbling or even adverse pressurization. Above all, one feels better the paw of each, especially at the level of the shoot, which rests again – small backward – on the timing, rhythm and preferential position of your player, and no longer on a cursor to place. A concern for realism which will necessarily force you – and especially the least connoisseurs of a ”

Hardly the tournament won that you are already in the court of the great ones
Unmatched bench depth

Same thing for the match strategies: if in recent years, penetrating the racket was rather easy according to the player in our possession – with Lebron, life seemed so much simpler – or shift a partner for a three-point shot was a murderous tactic, all this frankly less well in this NBA 2K18 , the fault of a much more intelligent and reactive AI on your preferential circuits, more “human” also, that is the word, in its way of defending. Clear ? When the score is tight and time runs out, it will not surprise you to see her defend harder on your main assets … what she will do anyway during the game, varying the pleasures more thoroughly depending on the chosen difficulty mode.

In short, there is taff to resell in this NBA 2K18, for a lifetime which already seems – and is subsequently confirmed – gigantic. In addition to a gameplay – except online where unfortunately some parts were subjected to lag – this 2018 vintage still relies on the modes of play that made it successful (playoffs, My Ligue, My team, the FIFA Ultimate Team of NBA 2K). And so on this new career mode, immersive despite some defects of youth. If we fall for the fact of being able to land in his sofa and throw a part of … NBA 2K, thus avoiding one of the loading times of the game, we would have appreciated more customization for our avatar – it is almost impossible to rectify our facial modeling accurately, which sometimes leaves a bit to be desired – and less obvious – why choose, advances the frankness in which one wants to play? Why not gag a little more before finding an agent? – in its scenario.

But at the time of the balance, it is still damn piqué that concludes this test NBA 2K18. Rocked by the voices of Kobe Bryant and Kevin Garnett, luxury consultants of this part – on the Lakers and Celtics of race matches – came to support that of the “Big Shaq” Shaquille O’Neal. Bluffed by the cinematics, although there is a lack of expression among the commentators and other speakers, as well as the little care given to the secondary characters – a thought to the singer of the national anthem, with a magnificent voice but to the face more than anything -. Conquered, by the addition of 19 classic teams but mostly All Time teams, in other words All Star of all time for … every franchise. Enough to put an end to some existential debates between fans. And fill our nights. Indispensable, once again, you have been told. (Click gameusd.comto buy NBA 2K 18 MT ,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)


Argus The second week of the guide to the large intrusions need 15 mark stone

Argus second week
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On Thursday, 7.3 Agus ushered in the second week, opening the last chapter of the map Ma Kai Lei, the second chapter of the plot task “Dark Awakening”, the Naslaws fortress world mission and the Marcella world mission. Argus Defense Force prestige and engineering , jewelry mission will also open.
After completing the second week of the mission, the entry point will also be unlocked. In the large invasion point, including the Argus world BOSS.
On the map of Makai Lei, there are three rare elites, respectively, crazy crazy chaos runner , acid jet , soft magic magic ride, in addition to falling evil eggs rare. Related Posts:
The second week of all three maps open, the player can complete the exploration of Argus achievements, enhance the riding speed of Agus.
In addition, Agus rare elite achievements and pet full spectrum of God of War can be completed. Kill Argus all rare to get the achievements of Agus adventurers , unlock the Light of the Light Corps weapons ” Ordnance: light casting weapons .” Complete the whole spectrum of God of War is reward pet evil claws.
Intrusion points
Small invasive point: 3-10 people, there are three stages of the task target, the final kill small BOSS reward 880 pure equipment , artifact energy , bleak Argonat crystal , Agus Road marked stone . Also rewarding Agus Weekly mission of Swire Aguenite Crystal . Small intrusions usually last for 6 hours. (Click bankofwow.com to buy cheap wow gold, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

Large invasion point: 15 Agus Road mark stone can enter a large invasion point. Large intrusions are open for a week, with a new world of BOSS falling 930.
Small invasion point has a small BOSS, kill all the small BOSS can get the achievements of pre-emptive strike ; kill all the world of BOSS can be wiped out the achievements of the war . These two achievements are Argus warrior required achievement, the achievement award bright messenger title. (Click bankofwow.com to buy wow gold, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

WoW Patch 7.3: Hotfixes from September 20, 2017 for the current legion update

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With the current hotfixes for the sixth World of Warcraft Legion expansion, there have been further bug fixes and adjustments. Here you can read the patch notes.

The Argus Patch 7.3 for World of Warcraft Legion has been released, and the first fixes are postponed as hotfixes. Today, a patch for the Paladin, non-player characters, PvP, professions as well as quests appeared.

In the following you read the English patch notes until the German version. Hotfixes are server-side updates without having to download new data. Some of the changes listed below will take effect as soon as Blizzard implements them, others will show effect only after a announced realm reboot. Please note that some problems can not be fixed without a client-side patch.

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WoW Legion: Patch 7.3 Hotfixes from September 20, 2017

The Netherlight Crucible trait Infusion of Light.
Non-Player Characters

Fiona’s Caravan was no longer mysteriously missing on some servers.
Grand Lector Enaara “Recurring Madness” on Mac’Are for all players.
Player versus Player

Enraged Maim (Honor Talent) wants to get rid of the enemy.

Fel Lasher droprate increased. It can now also be from Astral Glory on Argus.

The Tomes of Torment are “Lessons of Fire and Pain”.
Abandoning “Talgath’s Forces” or “Flanking Maneuvers” after completing one quest.

You can find more information, specials and videos about World of Warcraft on our WoW-Themes page . (Click bankofwow.com to buy wow gold, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

Ex-players in NFL concussion settlement may be victimized by predatory practices

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With six- and seven-figure payouts from the NFL concussion settlement starting to circulate, former football players have been approached by several entities trying to get a piece of the court-mandated rewards. They include lenders, lawyers and even fellow players.

In an exploratory hearing Tuesday, the co-lead counsel for the former players laid out the extent of the predatory practices they say they’ve seen since the settlement went into effect in January.

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“I’ve handled a lot of settlements — multibillion dollar settlements. I’ve never seen it as bad as I’ve seen here,” Christopher Seeger, co-lead counsel for thousands of ex-players who settled with the NFL over brain-related injuries they felt are related to their playing careers, said following the hearing. “We’ve all heard about a large percentage of players who are not doing well financially within a couple of years of retirement. That’s the case here. And that’s my concern. They’re preying on these guys.”

The settlement between the former players and the NFL was struck last year and called for the league to pay out as much as $1 billion to former players who suffer from neurocognitive disorders related to their playing careers. (Click gameusd.comto buy madden 18 coins ,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

‘NBA 2K18’ gets emergency patch to fix data-wiping Xbox One bug

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2K Sports’ latest basketball title, NBA 2K18, had a serious zero day bug that wiped away user progress, items and in-game currency in the online MyCareer mode. While it reportedly only affects players on Xbox One, both console versions are got a patch that supposedly fixed this issue.

NBA 2K 2K18 ✔@NBA2K
A new #NBA2K18 patch is now available for XBOX One & PS4. More info later.
4:41 AM – Sep 19, 2017


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While most of the playerbase won’t even see the issue as the game officially launches on September 19th, folks who preordered got an early chance to play last weekend. Reports started surfacing on the NBA 2K18 subreddit of players who opened their MyCareer profile to find their progress and items, including virtual clothing and badges, gone.

Today, 2K Sports posted a step-by-step guide today for players to submit reports that would help the team track down their info and clone a new, non-buggy save file with all their progress. Unfortunately, lost preorder-only items will be replaced at a later date. The issue only affected Xbox One users and the team noted in the Reddit post that the patch should’ve fixed it for anyone playing on that console. (Click gameusd.comto buy NBA 2K 18 MT ,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)