Clash royale or not to donate cards where the benefits of donati

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Clash royale or not to donate cards where the benefits of donations
 Q: Do you want to donate money to the Clash royale?

  A: Many small partners only know that the donation card can get gold coins and experience, some are cards will be donated, and some do not want to donate anything. How to donate donations to you today to talk to you talk about this topic.  

  1. First of all, we must understand the donation card and the request card is mutual, you need a mutual help tribes , if you only donate cards but no one donated to you, so quickly change a tribe it!

  2. Why donate cards, we all know, donation card can get experience and gold coins, if not donated cards only by upgrading the card and war, gold coins and experience is very little, so stick to the card is wrong!

  3. How to donate cards? First of all, they have a set of their own common card group, do not always change the card group, so the card can not keep up with your level and the cup section.

  Let’s talk about the issue of donating purple card:

  1. If it is 0 krypton players, purple card one does not donate, save a year down purple card level in 4.5 or so, the corresponding orange card level of about 8.5, white card 12.2 (ordinary efforts of the players every day to complete daily, Daily average of 5 boxes, basically do not play the tournament)

  So the ladder card group, the player’s orange white card level to orange 9 white 13 is very easy to achieve. At this time 4.5 level of purple card significantly drag the legs, simply do not use.

  2. You may also say that purple card 1 week to specify 4, this is not false, but within a year of the orientation of the request every day, can only train a 7 purple card +1 6 purple card , If you want to disperse, then almost 4 6 purple card. For the remaining purple card, or 4.5.

  3. Integrated above two points, purple card strategy is not used to donate and has been seeking (up to 4), the rest are not donated, it is hesitant to worry about the future may be used, you can not donate.

  4. Some funny purple card, such as copy images like violent, almost only a specific routine will be used, then the ordinary players keep no donation? Some core purple card, such as stone balloon, only around its group card is useful. Then the ordinary wild boar players, Ka Ju players, keep not donated what?

  5. purple card are not donated, that a union is not bad, we all think of their own development, do not want to help others, would not it be too selfish, and this selfishness and can not get any promotion, even the tiny Promotion is not really. If some people think that all purple cards do not donate a significant increase, welcome Replies to debate.

  6. Most people are recognized 0 krypton players gold coins the most important point of view, then now we have to use the popular / not the purple card in exchange for gold coins the opportunity, why not make good use of it?

  Finally, the landlord’s question gives some personal views

  In reality to make money, to cut costs, which open source is much greater than the use of throttle, Clash royale is the same, do not donate cards like throttling, and will not greatly enhance your card, etc., want to upgrade card Group level, a better way is open source, that is, take the initiative to get more cards.

  Every day to complete the daily, to ensure that most of the time every day have a chest in the open, free time to play more championships, cherish every request for donations, these are the way

  My advice is:

  Regardless of purple card orange card white card, as long as you are now in use, and may not be used after the donation;

  Those who make sure will not use, no brain donation (76 cards at least 40 belong to this range);

  They do not know will not use the future, can donate donations. (Click to buy buy clash of clans gems online,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

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