FIFA18 graphics Raiders key tactics operation + full mode detailed analysis (16)

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Player ability value introduction

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Speed: The speed capability value contains the player’s maximum speed and the time required to reach the maximum speed.

Shooting: Shooting ability determines the power and accuracy of the shot, including volley volley, hammer, free kick and twelve yards.

Passing: passing ability values ​​include length passing ability.

Dribble: Dribbling ability includes player’s ball, skill and dribbling ability.

Defensive: Defensive ability includes the player’s blocking and shoveling capabilities.

Physical fitness: physical ability values ​​include the players on the court’s physical strength and strength.

Introduction to the characteristics of the players

Scorer – Termination: Increases your chances of taking a goal in the restricted area.

Scorer – Precision Shot: Raise the performance of your sidegates before the gantry.

Scorer – volley volley: to improve the volley of the success rate, so that goalkeeper helpless.

Scorer – not used to improve the use of non-used foot when the pass and shot performance.

Scorer – outside the foot back shot: increase the use of the foot when playing outside the arc and precision shooting, shot a few unforgettable goals into it.

Scorer – Block: Select this feature to enhance your ability to intercept.

Scorers – Breakthrough Offside Traps: Improve your time in the offside position when running before catching the ball to prevent offside.

Scorer – Accelerated Value: Select this feature to reach your maximum speed faster.

Scorer – Power: Choose this feature to enhance your strength.

Scorers – Hammer Accuracy: Improves the accuracy and timing of your mistakes in the hammer.

Scorer – Shot Power: Choose this feature to strengthen your shot power.

Scorer – Long Shots: Choose this feature to improve the accuracy of your shot from outside.

Creator – Vision: Improve the accuracy and sophistication of passing passes, giving your teammates more chance to score.

Creator – Short Passing: Select this feature to enhance your short pass capability.

Creator – midfield conductor: the use of better organizational offensive ability, become the focus of the attack.

Creator – Bend Pass: When necessary, you can add your curvature to passing your pass and pass through.

Creator – Slip: Increases the chances of success.

Creator – Ball: Increases the chances of success for the first time.

Creator – Dribble: Choose this feature to enhance your dribbling ability.

Creator – Sprint Speed: Select this feature to boost your maximum speed.

Creator – good at beveled players: improve the accuracy and timing of your fast pass.

Creator – Cross: Choose this feature to improve your cross accuracy.

Creator – Long Pass: Select this feature to improve your long pass accuracy.

Creator – Forward Pass: Improves the accuracy and timing of your use of the backrest. (Click to buy fifa mobile fifa points,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

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